Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants has filed numerous public disclosure requests to the Zoo. In response to requests for basic financial and animal welfare information, the Zoo has stated it doesn’t have specific records or supplied grossly inaccurate information. The Zoo claimed it isn’t subject to Washington State’s Public Records Act. In order to hold the Zoo accountable, we filed a lawsuit on March 12, 2014: Fortgang v. Woodland Park Zoo. The request for summary judgment will be heard this Friday, July 25th at 1:30pm.

Please come to fill the courtroom with elephant advocates!

What: Request for summary judgment for Fortgang v. Woodland Park Zoo
When: Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 1:30pm
Where: King County Superior Court. 516 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
Honorable Judge Jean Rietschel’s courtroom.

What is the zoo hiding?

Chai artificial insemination

Chai – Artificial insemination, photo credit: The Seattle Times

The Zoo has taken over $108 million dollars from tax payers since 2002. The Zoo has use of city parkland and city buildings RENT FREE. The Zoo acquired their “product”, the animals, for FREE. Yet the Zoo has refused to answer the most basic details about the welfare of Bamboo, Chai and Watoto, the three elephants confined in the Zoo. When it did respond, some information was not accurate—such as how many times Chai was artificially inseminated or where the water sources are located in the yard. More recently, the Zoo has refused to provide records on the imminent transfer of Watoto to another Zoo. Despite acknowledging that the Zoo is communicating with other zoos, it says it has no records.

Please come to show the judge WE ARE WATCHING


3 Responses to “Action Alert: Join us in the courtroom!”

  1. Courtney Scott on 23 Jul 2014 at 10:43 pm #

    Wishing you all the best at your hearing, hope the room is full of supporters. And the judge makes the right ruling for the elephants.

  2. Karen Ess on 24 Jul 2014 at 7:12 pm #

    Are posters allowed/ appropriate in the courtoom or do you just want bodies sitting together in a certain section? I plan to attend with my daughter. Any suggestions as to how I can find or identify other advocates?

  3. Tracy Kim on 25 Jul 2014 at 7:56 am #

    Is this still on the docket for this afternoon?

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